(Market) Behavioural takeaways: Greece – 2015 edition

Maybe I’ve seen enough ‘headline bingo’ to last a lifetime (prior Geek crises, bank bailouts, US debt ceiling cliffhangers, QE announcements…), but a few things really stand out this time: When faced with unpredictable chaos (in the technical sense of both terms), market participants go into analytical overdrive; prognosticating, publishing, tweeting, blogging, holding conference calls, … More (Market) Behavioural takeaways: Greece – 2015 edition

The strange case of the hallucinating AI’s

The Google research blog posted this last week: Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks It’s stunningly beautiful and gives some intuition as to what is going within the hidden layers of image recognition artificial neural networks (ANNs). It’s not surprising it gained mainstream media coverage. What strikes me as more profound are the implications for … More The strange case of the hallucinating AI’s