Clearly I’ve not blogged here for over a year…. and what a year it’s been (well, for me at least). To cut a long story short, I decided to go full time on the machine learning aspect of my day job, and call it day (for now at least) on the trading front.

Either way, I’m now advising big firms (mainly banks) on what to do with AI. I had a blast in banking and hedge funds, but there is just too much happening in AI these days to sit staring into a Bloomberg terminal all day.

What does this mean?

  • This blog is no longer called “Markets and Machine Learning”.
  • I will broaden the focus away from trading and time-series analysis. Hopefully this should make things a bit more interesting. I will jump back into algo trading discussions  when I see something new to talk about.
  • I’ve worked a lot on Natural Language Processing over the past year (and continue to do so). This is a great topic that covers many aspects of AI, including Deep Learning and 1000’s of businesses trying to monetise this technology.
  • I’m increasingly getting into discussions with clients around AI ethics, security, transparency etc. We are now well and truly past the ‘Machine Learning as a Kaggle competition’ view of the technology – at least in the business world. These issues are becoming unavoidable when engineering a machine learning applications. I’ll post on these issues later
  • I work with a lot of smart young Data Scientists. These are the AI savvy business leaders of tomorrow. But there simply aren’t enough of them around. In my view this is going to be a drag on economies, and the source of some serious corporate mishaps over the next 5-10 years.

OK – enough about me. Just wanted to plant a flag so there is some indicator as to what happened to the old blog. New service will resume shortly….

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